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Returns, cancellations and refunds

This section covers returns, cancellations and refunds – plus other terms, conditions and scenarios not dealt with elsewhere on the site.

Defective items

Please note that all of our orders are individually produced and packed to the very highest standards.

We simply do not send out defective or sub standard products


Goods remain the property of the seller until payment is made in full. In the unlikely event of an order being underpaid, this will not be dispatched until full payment is received.

In such circumstances, we will contact you in writing/by email to ask for the shortfall. If you cannot be contacted or have not responded to any such request within a reasonable period of time (7 days for email, 14 days for letter); your order will be cancelled and we will automatically refund your initial payment. In the case of a cheque payment, this will be shredded.

Cancelling your order before dispatch

If you wish to cancel your purchase before your order has been dispatched, you must let us know immediately and your money will be refunded to you.

We normally send a dispatch confirmation email on the same day that your item has been sent out.

If you decide to cancel once you receive the dispatch email, please see the instructions immediately below.

Cancelling/return of your order after dispatch

If you wish to cancel your order after the item has been dispatched, you must notify us as soon as possible and certainly no later than seven days following the date you receive the goods.

To avoid any dispute, please make sure you return the item unopened wherever possible !

You will be responsible for returning the item in the same condition that it was sent out and using the same postal service and packaging method that was used to send the item to you. You will also be responsible for paying the return postage.

If the item is found to have been damaged/marked by the customer in any way when it is returned, then unfortunately a full refund cannot be made (see Partial Refunds below).

Assuming the goods are returned to us in the same condition in which they were sent out to you, a full refund of your original payment will be made.

Please make sure you return the item unopened, to avoid any dispute !

Items damaged in transit

In the unlikely case of damage to your order caused in transit, please take the following action :

1) contact us as soon as you possibly can because a claim for compensation will need to be made.

2) In all instances please take several; photographs of the damaged parcel – from a variety of angles before you open it – including any labels and tracking numbers from us or from Royal Mail.

3) If it looks like it is only the exterior packaging that is damaged and only slightly; carefully and gently try and remove the contents for examination.

If the print is fine, great! You can enjoy your purchase.

4) If the print inside is damaged, please also photograph the following:

the rolled up print showing damage,
the image side of the print showing damage and
the delivery note/letter.

5) Please send these photographs to us by email or to the address at the bottom of this page.

6) Do not throw the item away! You must retain the damaged item and packaging in all cases as these will be needed for any compensation claim being made and Royal Mail may want to examine them.

It may be a requirement of Royal Mail’s terms for making a claim that the damaged item be returned to us before a claim can be made. We will notify you in writing if you need to return the item to us and any cost you incur for return postage will be refunded to you. Please obtain both a proof of posting and a money receipt. Keep these safe and send us a copy of them.

Your options if your print arrives damaged

There are two options open to you if you receive a damaged package and the interior print has also been damaged:

We can either send you a replacement or issue you with a full refund.

In either case, this will only be done once we have received the photographic evidence confirming that the package and its contents have been damaged.

Full refunds

A full refund will only be made in the following circumstances:

1) When you cancel your item before it has been dispatched

2) When you cancel your item after it has been dispatched and it arrives back with us in the same condition that it has been sent to you and could be resold to another customer.

3) When an item has been damaged in transit and we have received photographs of the damaged packaging and items from you as detailed above.

Partial refunds

A partial refund will be made in the following circumstances:

1) When you cancel your item after it has been dispatched; you have received it; you have opened it and you have returned it to us in a state where it cannot be resold to another customer.

In this case you will be refunded your initial payment less the material costs of producing the item.


All products and services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

If your order cannot be fulfilled you will be offered an alternative or given a full refund.

These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Address for written correspondence is:

81, Colliers Way, Huntington, Cannock, Staffordshire, UK, WS12 4UD.